If you have pets at home, you are sure to consider them when buying furniture or other accessories for the home, to choose the most appropriate. Therefore, we want to tell you which rugs to buy if you have dogs, cats or other pets at home.

It is possible to have a pet at home and a clean carpet. However, not all carpets are the same. There are more suffered fabrics and colors that better support the animals’ hair or from which it is easier to remove the pee or excrement if they are made.

Beige Or Nude Colours

The beige and nude are highly recommended because well-camouflaged hair, so it appears that it is apparently much cleaner. Of course, if the dog is dirty from playing in the street, it could be lost. So, in that case, you might be more interested in the carpet of a brown, red tone, etc. Darker, but without highlighting the hairs on it.

Avoid Delicate Materials

There are precious carpets, but they are not the most suitable for people who have pets at home since they could destroy them completely while playing. Therefore, it is best that you opt for carpets of materials that are not very delicate and can be easily used in cleaning pet stains—for example, synthetic materials or plastic.

Without Stains

Nowadays, it is possible to find carpets with stain-resistant technology. For example, stain-resistant polypropylene (olefin). So they can be cleaned very easily and are perfect for living with pets.

No Fringes Or Threads

Avoid carpets with loop threads, because the pet could go through her claws and break it. So to avoid this, it is better to opt for a carpet of cut hair and no loop fibers. So nails or claws will not be a problem. 

Beware Of The Compounds

Last but not least, we recommend that you be careful with the carpets you buy; since there are those that emit chemical compounds known as “volatile organic compounds”. These can damage the health of our pets, as well as cause sensitivities and allergies.

What do we recommend? Buy it in a place of trust where you know that the quality is good, ventilate the house before installing it and perform regular cleaning. This way you will make a good purchase, and you can be calm even if your pet gets under the carpet (they love it).

If you are worried about buying expensive carpets because your dog or your pet could destroy them, keep in mind that it is not usual. It could happen while you are a puppy because you are playing or nervous. But it is not common to happen.

However, also keep in mind that the pet must have its own space. It is good to walk throughout the house as long as the owner allows it; but if you have your own space and your own carpet, it sure does not hurt any other that is at home.

Where to buy them?

In carpet cleaning little rock, you will find a lot of variety. We sell carpets of all kinds so that you can enjoy them and at the same time, create a pleasant environment for your pet and that you are both as comfortable as possible.

If you have pets, do not hesitate, you can also enjoy beautiful and comfortable carpets. We hope we have helped you choose them!

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